AGRANA Fruit acquires fruit processing plant in India

AGRANA Fruit has consolidated its presence in Asia through the acquisition of a fruit processing plant from the Indian company SAIKRUPA Fruit Processing Pvt. Ltd.

Following the establishment of AGRANA Fruit India Private Ltd. last September and the acquisition of the facility from SAIKRUPA, AGRANA Fruit has now expanded its production activities in Asia to a third territory, in addition to China and South Korea, namely the Indian subcontinent. AGRANA Fruit now maintains 26 production sites in 20 countries.

Location and Product portfolio of AGRANA Fruit India

The fruit processing plant in question is located in western India in the federal state of Maharashtra, around 50 km south of Pune. The location is within close proximity to strategically important raw materials such as mangos, strawberries, pomegranates and guavas, as well as to key customers who have set up operations in this region.

The plant has been active in the processing of fruits to pulp, purees, concentrates and juices for the food and beverage industry. In addition, AGRANA Fruit India will extend the product portfolio by premium fruit solutions including fruit preparations, sauces, toppings, fillings and smoothie bases for various customer segments in the dairy, ice cream, bakery and food service industry.

In order to support the business most effectively AGRANA Fruit India has opened an administration office and a small product application lab in Pune.

Future Outlook

“Through this acquisition, AGRANA Fruit gained a foothold in the Indian market. Being the world market leader for fruit preparations for the dairy industry, we see excellent opportunities for our products in India due to rising purchasing power and changes in consumption behavior patterns. Our target is to introduce AGRANA Fruit’s world-class quality standards and innovation capabilities to service our customers with our global product portfolio, as well as to develop niche-products adapted to the local taste and markets,” explains Johannes Kleppers, CEO AGRANA Fruit.