“Alternatives” - from niche to mainstream

Why plant-based alternatives are trending and how your company can benefit.

Indulgence 2 Go

Snack Replacements as a new opportunity for dairy!

The gluten-free lifestyle

Seeds have become very attractive to consumers due to an increased demand in gluten-free products

Street Food is going strong

From fast food to trendy millennial favorite.

From the chefs table to the consumers home

The botanical trend is one of the biggest emerging trends worldwide in different food categories – we had a closer look, where it all started and what will happen next.

Back to Natural

For the last few years there has been a strong demand for naturally healthy foods

Prime time for vegetables

Vegetables in new categories – the hot food trend in 2017

Balance is the new detox

Health claims are trending big time!

Trending now: Citrus

The very distinctive taste of oranges, lemons or limes are recognized very easily and generally have a strong appeal to consumers